Advanced Planning

Committed to Preplanning.

We have always believed that making your funeral arrangements in advance is one of the wisest, most generous things you can do for your family.

The planning concept has been part of our daily makeup from the beginning of time. To plan for any endeavor, occasion or event simply ensures that it is more likely to take the form you intended. Pre-arranging for funeral services is no different. It affords you the opportunity of making decisions at a less stressful time as well as opting, if you so choose, to secure the financial obligations at today’s cost.

Most of all, preplanning protects your family from having to make complicated decisions when such decisions are the most difficult. It shields them from unexpected expenses. And it guarantees the peace of mind that comes from knowing you will receive just the type of service you want.

We endorse the concept of pre-arranging. It is smart, makes good common sense and economically it is an intelligent decision.

When you speak to one of our advance plannning directors, you can give this precious gift to those who are most precious to you.

— Paul Messinger


Arizona Hospice and Palliative Care Organazarion.

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